Terms, Conditions and Shipping

Retrogamerjapan.com sells hard to find Japanese retro game gear to collectors all over the world.  Everything I sell has been tested and usually cleaned (unless the item is in almost new condition).  All games and consoles, etc., are in working condition when shipped.

Here's some info about our consoles and games from Japan.   If you have any questions, please send me a note via the contact page.  I'd love to hear from you.

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About the consoles and games, etc.

1. Consoles: Please don't fry your console.  Japanese game consoles require a step-down (to 100v) transformer to work in the US and Europe.  I don't know about other countries so please check before plugging it in!  (I will not replace a console with fried motherboard because you did not use a step-down transformer.)

2. Games: These games are in Japanese and require a Japanese console.  So theoretically you shouldn't be able to play a SNES game in a Super Famicom system and vice versa.  Same with most of the other manufacturer's consoles: Sega, PC Engine, etc.  (Yes, there are mods which can circumvent lock-out chips, but we won't go into that here...)

Terms, Conditions and Shipping

1. All sales are final. 

2. I'll ship your item within 48 hours of receiving your order *unless* it's a national holiday or a weekend and the Japan Post Office is closed.

3. All items are shipped from Japan via EMS or Airmail.  EMS is insured, usually takes about a week, and is best for heavy and/or expensive items.  Airmail is not insured, but is cheaper and great for light items like game carts, controllers, etc.

4. If a game or console arrives broken, send it back to me within 7 days of receipt of item, and after determining that it is, in fact, broken, I'll replace it or refund your money.

5. Games are guaranteed to work, but I can not guarantee if the game has a battery that the battery will still hold a charge.  If you want a game with a good battery, please email first. 

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