Famicom Disk System

The Famicom Disk System (Family Computer Disk System or FDS), released in February, 1986, loaded games into the Famicom via proprietary floppy disks called disk cards.  The advantage the FDS had over the Famicom game carts was that you could actually save your game state on the disk.  One of the first games released for the FDS was The Legend of Zelda.  Some games could be stored on one side of the floppy, so you could have two games per disk, but Zelda used both sides.  Sometimes during game play you have to eject the floppy and switch sides.

The FDS was ahead of its time and enabled great games like Zelda and Metroid to be played on the Famicom with the new feature of being able to save your game state.  But the FDS units are notoriously finicky.  Rubber drive belt breakage and odd error messages sometimes crop up. 

All the FDS units sold at retrogamerjapan.com have new drive belts and have been tested to work.  That said, not all games will play in every FDS unit.  An old, abused, game disk with corrupt data will probably not work.  Game disks can be overwritten.  Overwritten disks seem to not work as well as original game disks.

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