Nintendo AV Famicom Consoles (HVC-101)

Released in 1993, the Nintendo AV Famicom (HVC-101) corrected two main flaws of the original Famicom console: the rf modulator and the hard-wired controllers. The "New" Famicom AV, as it is sometimes called, sports front mounted controller ports so the user can easily plug in a controller and play. The other important upgrade is the use of standard AV cables for video and audio.

These are great little systems, and though they lack some of the uber-retro cool of the original Famicom, they make up for it with excellent game play and the convenience of standard AV cables. Just like the original, the AV versions draws a scant 4W of power while playing. So this has got to be the most eco-friendly game console on the planet.

The HVC-101 has a slightly different shape than its North American counterpart, the NES-101: the top of the HVC-101 is a little flatter to accomodate the Famicom Disk System adaptor. My kids and I have a great time playing all of our favorite Famicom games on our AV Famicom.

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